the road to hell is paved with good intentions

December 17, 2008
i walk alone down a street
i hear a heart of two beats
the one, two beat of an empty soul
has many pieces that could make it whole

i rest my chin a upon my hand
knowing no one will understand
the though that races through my mind
thinking of the future of mankind

in a most minds, are fairytales
but in reality, there are screams and wails
it's all a heads or tails choice
speak up now while you have a voice

take life as it come
not worrying about money sums
and take care of the broken and weak
for they something true to speak

if you make a choice
then make it right
so you may sleep soundly
through the cold night

knowing you had helped at least one of many
give your truth to those with out any
so that they may pass it on
and you can enjoy your final dawn

for thre are those who can not see
how this life could be
even though no ones willing to try
leaving the hopeless in anguish to die

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