Hold On

December 17, 2008
By Hannah Rawls, Okawville, IL

Hold on to the sad memories
even when they hurt to remember.
Hold on to your morals
especially when they aren’t cool
Hold on to your feelings
Even if they make you sad
Hold on to your friends
Even if they make you mad
Hold on to your childhood
Even when you want to forget it
Hold on to your dreams
Even if they are unreal
Hold on to your family
Even when you don’t see eye to eye
Hold on to your wishes
Even if they will never come true
Hold on to the things that make you laugh
Even if they are silly and childish
Hold on to your faith
Even if people don’t agree
Hold on to your happiness
Even if times aren’t always happy
Hold on to your freedom
Even if you don’t feel free
Hold on to wisdom received from other people
Even when it doesn’t pertain to you
Hold on to your future
Even when it seems so far away
Hold on to the past
Even when you want to forget
Hold on to the old times
Even when the old times made no sense
Hold on to the good memories
Especially when times are hard
But most importantly
Hold on to your life
Even when you want to let go
When times seem too hard
Remember all of the good things
And hold on.

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