The Special Two

December 17, 2008
The Special Two

We had been best friends since we could remember
Loving fighting; laughing crying
We had done it all
We spent every waking second together
We were the special two

First day of sixth grade we matched on purpose
We wanted everyone to know that we were best friends
Instead, they made fun of us
But honestly, we didn’t care
We were the special two

During that year we grew closer
If that was even possible; we were inseparable
Nobody knew us as just Dani, or just Lola
It was always Dani and Lola
We were the special two

Seventh grade rolled around and we discovered make-up
We would spend hours together putting it on
We felt so old and like we knew everything
We were so lucky to have each other
We were the special two

That winter, Lola’s grandpa died
I was thirteen and had no clue how to comfort her
So we just sat in my room and cried and ate ice cream
We would always be there for one another
We were the special two

Then came eighth grade
It was a very sad year; Lola got cancer
This time I needed the comforting, but I had to be strong for her
She needed me, and of course I was there for her
We were the special two

That year was the hardest
I had to watch as my best friend was dying
They didn’t think I could hear them through the walls
I didn’t want to believe it was happening
We were the special two

Ninth grade
Lola is now gone
I’m alone
But not exactly
We are still, the special two

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