December 17, 2008
By Aubrey sparks, Boonsboro, MD

She dug her toes into the earth
And squinted her eyes closed
So there she sat so steady and firm
Suffering consequences of the path she chose

She sat there for she had a dream
One she had hoped would not falter
So to keep it real she sat there stiff
For her opinions she must not alter

She moved around and did everyday things
But her minds eye always stayed shut
Her toes remained stuck in the sand
Her hopes no one could abut

But weeks and days and years and months
All added themselves together
And made her feel completely as if
Her ideas were the only ones that mattered

But if her ideas were the only real in this world
Than what is everything else?
And she could not subdue these questions,
Which arose deep within herself

Of course she could not answer
For she had never known
The hopes, the dreams the laughter,
Of anyone but her own

She was scared of the ignorance,
The dark that lay inside her
But was more intimidated of the light
Her own happiness denied her

So she curled up her arms
And she hugged herself tight
And she imagined the world with all of her might

She imagined the colors of a rainbow, the feeling of the wind, the joy evoked from laughter, a warm happiness within. The innocence of children, the arrogance of adults, all the mirth and all the laughter, all our assets and all our faults. A single flower blooming, a bluebird eaten by a fox, a newborn baby laughing, a mime escaping from his box. The fresh taste of a strawberry, the sweet smell of a rose. God, how long has it been since I noticed one of those?

She knew how
And she knew when
So she let go
To let the journey begin

She listened and she learned
She felt with an open heart
She realized her dreams didn’t feel real
Cause’ she’s never known real from the start

She straightened her legs
And she uncurled her toes
She swore to try harder
Wherever she goes

She wiped off her knees
And the sand off her pants
And stared at the sky
As if in a trance

She did not see blue, she did not see white
She saw every moment, she saw every fight
She opened her eyes and she cleared her mind
And she followed the path she had managed to find

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Aubrey91 said...
on Jan. 28 2009 at 7:32 pm
This poem is fabulous, I liked it so much. It was extremely interesting.

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