love forever

December 17, 2008
By kristal blankinship, Haslet, TX

Do you know what is lke
to hide in the dark?
looking up at the sky
wishing on every star,
missing the person
you once loved.
And hoping they will
return to you.

Knowing that your love
could die.
you still have faith,
you still have hope
in your heart.
hope that you'll see him someday.

Then you look up at the sky,
look into the moon,
that's reminds you of his eyes.
the eyes that not even
gods could compare to them.

Then you see a shooting star and remember your love's promise.
that he'll be your shining star
no matter what happens.
even if the stars of night
and the clouds of day have a war.
a ragging war that lasts for an

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