I Will

December 17, 2008
2007: major wakeup call,
I kicked to high gear,
Went right back stuck it in their face,
Showed them who I was.

Rain and snow,
Wet cleats are the worst,
I showed up every single time.

Just got home late,
Mom called on the phone,
I saw it on the paper,
My name in black and white.

I couldn't stop laughing,
My jaw nearly touched the floor,
Pride overwhelmed my body.

Packing my things,
Pulling up on the bus,
Getting my uniform,
Meeting my roommate Donnie.

I didn't make regionals,
Not even a pool,
But I didn't care until . . .

The A pool suited up,
It changed everything,
Their technique and speed,
Gentle touches on the ball.

Confidence 1 on 1,
Took advantage of shots,
Such awareness of the plays.

Then it was crystal clear,
I knew what I have to do,
Be on that field,
I am going to be on that field,
No one is going to stop me.

B pool material,
That's what Bill called me,
and that's what I'm going to be,
B, A, Regional, National,
Just keep running,
And nothing can touch you.

I WILL make B pool next year.

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