Utopia of Violence

December 17, 2008
By Caisey Hoffman, San Antonio, TX

A fierce land with a sinister act.
Gangs and Hooligans attract.
Where guns grow on trees.
Killers and bullets roam free.
Blood of the innocent showers the ground.
The laughter of Evil mocks all around.
Crimes storming into the street.
Rivals meet up and compete.
Little kids stand and stare in disbelief.
Toddlers begin to act like a thief.
Passing it on the older ones.
And before you know it, the cycle reruns.
Is this what our World became?
Flustered with annoyance and shame,
I ask myself, "Is it possible I can aid?"
To destroy all violence made?
But to destroy is fighting fire with fire.
And if I were to do that, consider me a Liar.
All I want is peace and love,
For the Earth to be as heavenly as above.
If people would think before they speak,
Maybe the World wouldn't be so dark and bleak.
And if people could consider the outcome before they act,
Perhaps not so many people would get attacked.
I know we ask for a lot,
And don't return the favor for what we got.
But if everybody thought about others,
It might be possible, that no one would lose their mothers or brothers.
Violence… such a drastic thing to fix.
How to stop a serious of conflicts?
The Utopia of Violence
Shh...Don't keep your silence.

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Shugo Tsuki said...
on Jan. 16 2009 at 4:33 pm
I know what you mean. Violence is a bad thing and I want this world to be at peace but I know it won't happen.

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