How Do I Love Thee Music?

December 17, 2008
How do I love thee music? Let me count the beat.
My body, it moves to the tune of summer’s heat.
I love thee to the boom box, playing so loud.
My heart, it listens deeply to the artist’s sound.
I love thee through country, rap, and pop.
For the unknown genres that make my jaw drop.
I love thee freely as you are everywhere I go.
I love thee purely as the songs flow.
I love thee with a crazed obsession.

For it brings what poetry and expression.
Music fills the infinite between two souls.
It completes my heart whole.
Music is the universal language of mankind,
Sit back, listen, and unwind.
Music screams words, for which we are to afraid to speak.
Without it, the world is to be dreary and bleak.
And when I have melodies stuck in my head,
I always will love thee music, even when the radios dead.

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