Runaway Feelings

December 17, 2008
By , Pawcatuck, CT
I look around
I stare into space
I close my eyes
And I see his face.
I open my eyes
And there it is
A face that could only
be his.

My eyes are closed
Once again
And my mind ricochets
Memories in my head

The first one that comes
Into sight
Is the first day we talked
And it felt alright
The teacher sat me
In my seat
he gave a gaze
That’s hard to beat.
I returned the gaze
Nothing to fear
My heart beat normally
Even when he was near.

A new memory
Pops in my head
He steals my pencil
It was the last of my lead
I fix him with
Another gaze
And He returns it
Without a haze.
And for the first time
My heart missed a beat
I smiled right back
But that was a feat
From that moment on
Something had changed
And yet everything
Stayed unchanged

Until he asked
Out a friend
Then i thought
My crush would end
But it keeps just
Going on
I don’t think it’ll
Every be gone.

My memory changed
Once again
To a moment
That wrecked my zen.

I was talking to a friend
Of his
He made me upset
But told what is
He said I liked
You know who
And i didn’t know
What to do
So i did the easiest
I took the blow
Then I dinighed it
I said “No.”
No, I don’t like him
I know thats a lie
So did he
Cuz it passed him right by.

So now I know
He knows the truth
I’m not sure how i feel
It’s like loosing a tooth

I don’t want him
To know how I feel
But yet, I’m happy
He’ll just have to deal

The truth is I live my life
Day by day
Not caring if my feelings
Are brought to bay
Cuz life is life
Nothing’ll change
No reason to make
My life a range
Of an emotion
From here to there
Nothing’ll change
Not even a hair.

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justice said...
Jan. 3, 2009 at 5:38 am
This poem has strong feelings but the awkward rhyme takes away the emotions.
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