Killer Mouse

December 17, 2008
By John DeVilbiss, Radford, VA

Mouse infesting your house?
After worry free years it decides to show up.
A minute pest you can never exterminate.
Unaware to you or me it quietly it moves.
Probably doesn’t have a conscience because it definitely doesn’t have morals.
It’s hard to understand like the purpose of a mosquito but it is one of God’s creations.
That tiny mouse doesn’t usually disturb anyone until the night.
It’s annoying when your mind settles into ease and you can hear it, slowly nibbling away
You can never find the mouse, it will find you.
Don’t let it worry you, it will kill you.

The author's comments:
What is life without perspectives?
Inside I mean to show you a few different perspectives.
If you see monochrome monotony, I hope this helps.
We are all fools in our own court.
Let’s laugh at the king.

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