A Birthday Blessing

December 17, 2008
This day comes only once a year
So let’s celebrate it right.
A time for friends, both far and near
To reenact your birth day’s delight.

From a tiny child in you mother’s hand
To a woman proud and strong.
Remembering the person you’ve become, so grand
But still cherishing who you were for so long.

On this day stories will be shared
Memories will all be made new.
Times freed from the cobwebs will be declared
And praises will be sung to you.

So go ahead, enjoy your day.
Have your cake and eat it too.
Laugh and dance and play.
I will thank God once more for giving me another day with you.

So please don’t think of today as turning older,
But holding steadfast to the memories you’ve clutched.
By each day becoming wiser and bolder
And thinking of all the lives you’ve touched.

(including mine)

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