Go Green

December 17, 2008
By Samantha Spratt, Addieville, IL

If we keep living the way we are living
The world will become a different place
There will be no crops, no trees, and no plat life at all
Our blue sky will be no more
It will be black and full of smog
Pollution will be everywhere and no one seems to care
Land fills will overflow and take over our once beautiful landscape
Water bottles that could have been reused will cover the earth
Our oceans will not be clear
Animals will suffocate from the toxic air
Where will people be in this corrupted world?
They will be walking around like zombies
All their intelligence drained
They keep filling the air with toxins
They keep throwing down their garbage
Destroying everything in their path
Our once beautiful world turned upside down
If we bike more and drive less
If we throw a bottle or can in a different container
Our earth might last a little longer
With clean air and healthy plants
Everything will end so differently

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