December 17, 2008
By Anonymous

The rush of adrenaline before the loud
Obnoxious whistle, gives you the signal
To get on the block, and start your race.

As you dive into the cooling clear teal
Water; you start your specialized stroke

Trying not to look at anyone else, Swimming
as fast as you possibly can. Gasping for air,

Pulling your arms fast, kicking your legs hard.

As you get to wall you do your quick summersault
Turn and push off the wall, now you’re on you last lap.

The ache in your arms as you come to the end and
pull them around. Your legs cramp but all you can
do is finish as strong as you can.

You push to the end as hard as you can.
Only one tenth of a second faster then the person
finishing right after to you; and,
you win it as you sign with relief.

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