December 17, 2008
By Barry Altmark, Hewlett, NY

You’ve just got this letter, thoughts are running through your head.
You might be on vacation, in a class or in your bed.
Keep this message always, save every word I’ve ever said.
Don’t skip a line, don’t rush, and don’t ever read ahead.

It’s almost been 3 months since you and I have met.
I was thinking how could I, and how I couldn’t let,
Such a chance to pass me by, and live within regret,
Little did I know about the girl that I would get.

I used to look back, think of all my goals and feats.
But now my life’s on playback, no rewinds and no repeats.
Because back then, there was no girl, to cuddle with between the sheets
I didn’t have the girl to cheer me on, and get me through all my defeats.

I didn’t have the girl that keeps me up when I need sleep.
I didn’t have the girl that cheers me up when I might weep.
Letters on the page, all of my feelings running deep.
Through thick and thin, my love, always yours, I’m here to keep.

When you enter any room, I can never help but stare.
It’s not your eyes against the light, or the color of your hair.
It’s not the way you touch my hand, or the way you leave me bare.
It’s in the way you love me, and the way I know you care.

I’m the kind of guy who wears his heart out on his sleeve.
So you must know that I am honest when I say that I believe.
All of these words, on scattered pages, flowing smoothly I might weave,
Or all the gestures, worn out phrases, magic text I might conceive,

It can’t compare to your eyes staring, gazing lovingly on mine,
It won’t compare to love in motion, speeding fast in strict design,
When you touch me, I know, I feel it, that tingle down my spine,
I can feel it late at night, half past noon or way past nine.

I thought about a worn out letter, perhaps a note instead,
But letters aren’t permanent, too lousy, too unread.
A rhyme can stop the pass of time, leave nothing left unsaid,
Each line of mine, can so define, or even tears to shed.

Never outdone, you are the one, no girl can take your stead,
My rhyme, my pun, my clothe you’ve spun, the needle to my thread.
And from the sun, the colors run, burning bright with red,
It’s just begun, it won’t be done, forever, as I’ve said.

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on Jan. 2 2009 at 8:32 pm
that was such a sweet poem! That girl is very lucky to have such an eloquent, expressive boyfriend by her side. Keep writing awesome poems :)

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