December 17, 2008
The fantastic sadness of the situation I am in.
Yea, I’m a chick
And I speak
I’m at the peak
Of this world
This mountain.
Here I am different
And broken
But in heaven.
I’m that girl,
The hider. The one you shied from
The one that set off your bomb
And I admit it
In everyway.
I found god
Not it the blue sky,
In a girl..
And I will prove to you
I am not the stereotype,
The lime light.
I am not a fad,
Or bad,
Or anything else you clad
Me together with.
Like dirt on the shoes of a Jesus,
That no one really knows
Or can show.
I found doves,
Shot down
And hurt like the worst
Of a broken curse here
Near the edge of a cliff.
Would this cause a rip
Tide in our friendship?
Because if it does,
I don’t think we were friends
To begin with.
Watching the city
in the windows while we are speeding
down the road,
to where?
I can see the reflection
Of her eyes
In mine.
In the glass of a car
So far
Nothing but a bar and some neon lights.
But here in the night
Where there is just space
and street lights,
I wont fight
The wave of emotion
And even though I am driving,




I’m crying

On the inside,
For holding it in
For living a
Pseudo sin.

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Ciararad said...
May 7, 2009 at 8:50 pm i love the intensity. amazing lady. =)
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