A Family Apart

December 17, 2008
A Family Apart

Torn between two sides
Stuck in the middle
She kicked him out?
Or did he leave?
Which story is real?

Just came back
Fall October day
Something was wrong
Didn’t get a hug and kiss
There wasn’t even a smile
I watched the look on mommy’s face
The look of denial
“Your father doesn’t love me anymore,” were the words I heard her say
Somehow I couldn’t believe it though
Its not suppose to happen this way

How do you say “I do”
Then one day walk away
“till death do us part”
Aren’t those the words?
I begged him, “daddy stay!’

The next few months
Mommy cried
She told its ok
I never really saw daddy though
Daddy ran away

Time healed some of the wounds
Bitterness lingered
Rarely did I see my dad
I grew up very fast
Cause all alone in that position
You learn quickly how to act
I acted like a younger teen
Before I ever should
The circumstances around me
Called for me to be mature

Mother didn’t like
When I spent a day with him
Father said “I want to see you more”
But did nothing

He never really fought for me
She was always there
He hardly supported me
It’s like he didn’t care

She was standing in the crowd
Cheering me along
My ups and downs
Struggles and strengths
Never giving up

We grew closer
As he grew apart
I became older
I became smart

I fought for awhile
With myself
I felt he didn’t care
I saw the true colors of my father
The pain was too much to bear

One spring day
I had enough
I couldn’t take much more
How can you call yourself a father
You didn’t ever know your little girl
It felt like I was a burden to a man who’s never there

My mother was amazing
But there is only so much she can do
It’s the little things
Like decorating Christmas trees
A father is suppose to help you do

I can look back with it making me sad
Or choose to move on
I only hope to be as strong
As my mother was.

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