Every Night

December 17, 2008
By Tokiko GOLD, Hayward, California
Tokiko GOLD, Hayward, California
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Every night I dream
I dream of nightmares
Every night I close my eyes
I see his face

My object of terror
His mere existence frightens me
Because he has used me everyday
I am his slave

I am his everyday pleasure
My screams of agony and mercy is music to his ears
Every night he leaves me alone in dirty pain
Bruises on my arms and legs

Newly made scars on my back and chest
Bit marks on my neck and shoulders
My innocence stolen away again and again
My ears ringing from his loud angry voice of profanity on me

Immense pain throughout my small, pale, and fragile body
I have no cure for this
I have no escape from this abuse
All I wish is to die

To be free
From this hell

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