ps. It's Over

December 16, 2008
By Danielle Licea, McAllen, TX

it happened

in middle school, He had a locker above mine

that day
in the hallway
He opened his locker and out popped a photo
The Mickey Mouse.

and Her
Him, all prizewinning smile,
just barely tousled hair

Her, sleek cornsilk hair
perfect peach complexion

both their arms


on the back
in curly
rainbow colored
i’s-with-hearts handwriting



it’s over.


and for that moment
in that sea of adolescence

He was in a bubble
just Him
and the photo

(and me)

and for that moment
it sunk in

first hit the confusion
(the faintly crumpled brow)

then the realization
(the eyes slowly shutting,
as if something was trying to pull them back)

and in that moment

He was not Him

mr. Dazzling Grin
mr. Popular
mr. Basketball Star

was just


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