December 16, 2008
By Erin Maturo, Inverness, IL

Woke up this morning,
Like any day it progressed
Little did I know it would be her last
Her bravery her only defense.

At school we passed not looking
Not seeing face-to-face,
The girl that changed an entire nation,
One word would take her place.

The shots fired, fear in masses,
Destruction to thirteen,
One by one, innocence slaughtered
Only tears and dread are seen.

Underneath the table,
Underneath my heartbeat
The two murderers entered
My blood turned from heat to bleak.

Grabbed the arm of a stranger
Pulled her to his side,
Could’ve been anyone of us
But Cassie was who was tried

Held the gun up to her head
One simple question he addressed.
”Do you believe in God?”
All she said was “Yes.”

Having asked herself this many times,
She affirmatively gave a nod,
From all the choices along the way,
She stated her faith in God.

Not a word of doubt within
Not a moment of disbelieve
The shot fired and killed the girl
Who stuck to what she believed

The author's comments:
This poem is a ture story about a girl named Cassie who was one of the many murdered in the Columbine shootings. I read a book her mom wrote called, "She Said Yes" and it inspired me to write this poem.

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