I can speak in tongues.

December 16, 2008
By Chelsea Blick, Mount Airy, NC

I can speak in tongues,
With the moon and the stars.
The man on the moon will listen to my howls,
And the shooting stars will acknowledge my whishes.
I speak in tongues with the sun and grass.
The sun warms my face when the world is so cold,
And when I sing the grass grows faster, cause I cheer them up.
I speak in tongues with the trees and the wind.
The trees encourage me, they start out small like seed,
And then grow tall and wise, and they always give the best advice.
The wind whispers in my ear “once more”, reminding me that its not over,
Brushing up against me, when no one has a hug to spare.
I speak in tongues with all that surrounds me,
I hear their heart beat, I feel them breathing.
I can understand the ground’s hunger when he rumbles.
I sympathize the sky’s sorrow when it rains, and know her anger when it storms.
I pity the man on the moon, when he is hiding from the world.

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