The Day I Cried.

December 16, 2008
By Stephanie Barron, Denver, CO

The day I cried,
I saw a tear gliding down my cheek.
My friends asked me
questions. I sobbed
silently, remembering my promise. I felt the
salty tear in my mouth. I looked
at them and smiled,
knowing well they would soon
back off. remembering
what happened brought out more
tears than imagined.
My face red and white,
tears rolling down my cheek.
my sobs
so softly spoken,
You cant hear whispers,
My mind racing,
like a NASCAR automotive,
The pains hidden,
Hidden from the world,
Every crack in
the foundation is deeply
hidden by the
anxious shield, protection
from every angle
of my body, I feel the
wrath of my own fury.
It takes over,
and i can't do
anything, mainly
because I don't
have the courage to.
My body aches
From every tear shed.
I can't anymore,
my eyes dried out,
My heart still
hurting. so much pain.
I'm relieved I'm dead,

The author's comments:
I Got Published Before! HAHA. o.o

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