December 16, 2008
By Corey Katzelnick, Hillsborough, NJ

If you find yourself with tied hands
And straps that cover your eyes
If you plead for help to save your soul
But your request is denied
If you struggle for significance
And a purpose to live
Hold your head high and with hope
And resist being captive

Take my hand
To green fields and a sunny sky
Take my hand
And say to misery its final goodbye

If you feel useless with tired eyes
And you can’t feel your tongue
If you have trouble rising up
And your voice remains unsung
If you look beaten and feel beat
If you have trouble getting up
If the world seems grey and all the same
And you find no beauty in a tulip
You must carry on, you must carry on

Take my hand
To valleys of elated birds in flight
Take my hand
And feel the joy of sight

If you struggle to maintain
A sane and stable mind
If you have trouble seeking help
When you’ve lost your reason and rhyme
If you feel abandoned and so terribly lost
And every bit of your cause was a futile cost
And the whole world that is watching
Feels like heavy stones that you are catching
You must carry on, you must carry on

Take my hand
To a vast plain with tall, singing trees
Take my hand
And watch your misery drift away in the breeze

The author's comments:
I try to live a life where freedom enokes my passion, where hope pushes my strength. Always and always am I inspired by the impeccable and inspirational band, City and Colour-- music that has changed my life.

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