My soul is my freedom

December 16, 2008
By sandra calhoun, Mosinee, WI

My soul is my freedom

My soul is like me
It wants to be free
Free of all the gossip and thoughts in my life
It’s like when I run
It’s the feeling of being free
How no one can stop me
I run as if I’m getting chased
I run so fast it feels like I’m flying
Flying away from all my problems and fears in life
I close my eyes and feel the wind blowing
It’s against my arms, legs and face
There’s a slight change in the breeze
It smells of fresh cut grass

My breathing is a rhythm
It’s a song telling my whole life’s story
In one short sprint its
Two short inhales and one long exhale
I’m letting all my stress go
It’s trailing behind me like leaves in the wind

Freedom is like oxygen
Without it you can’t win
Win with the prize of being free

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