roller coasters

December 16, 2008
By sandra calhoun, Mosinee, WI

Roller coasters

As I’m standing there
In the long 2 hour line
The tension is growing
I can feel my heart going,
Pounding deep inside my veins
I tell myself, “Calm down!”
So I grab me by the reins
I start to count slowly,
1...2...3...4... 5…
Trying to calm down
I say to a friend,
“I’m scared”
And I start to frown

As we are moving even closer
To the coaster
I see people go upside down
And round and round
They are screaming,
But I am uncertain
If it’s because of fear
Or of joy

just as were about to get on the ride
My heart is going, BOOM, BA, BOOM, BOOM
I put my hand on my wrist feeling the rhythm and the beat

We are on the ride
I grab the safety bar
And clench my hands and feet
I take deep breaths I
Take more than one
All of a sudden I jump,
Cause of the 3…2…1…

Were off
The beginning is not so bad
I get so scared because of
The clicking of the ride,
Going up the big hill, and the
Huge drop of the down fall
I start I cry cause I’m scared
I think, I’m going to die
I close my eyes, were at the top
It’s quiet, I here the pop
Of someone’s gum
I feel the wind against my cheek
My tears are streaming
It’s too late to be screaming
Its over

We come to a slow stop
I open my eyes
Cause their about to…
Pop comes open comes the
Seat belt
I scramble out my legs wobble
I can’t explain how they felt
Yes were on the ground!
And on to my next round
Of the excitement of the
Roller Coaster

August 13 2008

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