The Maiden

December 16, 2008
By Sara Markowitz, Ocean, NJ

He is a coil around my heart
Squeezing so tight that I will burst
I hate him, but can’t bear to part
I need him, even though it hurts

I’m going, but I can’t escape
We both know that I’ll soon be back
So beat me now, I’m sure to break
Just wait for my soul to go slack

I take my pills, the pain just worsen
I kill it, it comes back again
I’m miserable, the days are endless
Cold, chained here in the monster’s den


A flicker of light among the shadows
As slowly my hope begins to bloom
A dashing hero that I will follow
I know that he will come for me soon.

A dagger stabs my devil’s heart
As my angel strikes him from above
But somehow he has broken my heart
Because it was the demon that I loved

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