December 16, 2008
By Brooke Buckner, Nixa, MO

Christmas time is here
But why is it not?
Is it the economy?
That's making some parents say
Sorry Santa can't come this year

It’s sad to think
That kids in our school
Have heard that

We all hear on the news
About how the economy is at its worse
But do we really see it?
Think about the last thing
Your parents bought you
Did you check the price?
Was it expensive?
And the most important thing did your say thanks?

Some kids don't realize
That we have more than we need
And there are kids out there
That NEED shoes and coats
And we sit on the computer
And text on our cell phones
While they're freezing

The next time you’re at the mall
Or Wal-Mart
Take time to donate
Money to the big red stands
With the bell ringers

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