December 16, 2008
By Janel Olson, St. Joseph, MO

Crunch of snow beneath
waxed board
that’s balanced on.
Wind whipped face,
red from bitterness of air.
Ache of bended knees
held in place.
Turn of body
twisted every way,
to change direction.
Hardness of earth
body comes into
Contact with frozen dirt.
Long trek up
iced hill
to fly down again.
The curve of body down
places hands on snow
whip waxed board around.
Upward push of arms
to stand again.
Downward bend of knees
Forces board down.
Spring of body
As body and board leave
the earth below.
Pulling of feet to body
through the air.
Tremors run through body
As it lands
Bended knee and tries
To stay on waxed board.

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