You're Beautiful

December 16, 2008
By Lindsay Attridge, St. Thomas, ZZ

Maybe it was just the wine or the music,
But he danced like a cloud.
She felt her cheeks blush
And his warm breath on her ear
As he whispered softly,
“You’re beautiful.”

She hardly noticed the trumpet blaring behind her
And the other voices that filled the room,
Or even the waiter offering her another glass of wine.
All she knew and felt was his hand on her waist
As they swayed to the music together.

And as he reached to tuck a strand of hair behind her ear,
She felt her heart beat a little quicker.
The beats of the music spill over her like ocean waves,
And she can no longer think of anything
Except the way he gazes into her eyes longingly.

After all these years,
He still makes her heart skip a beat.
And after he kisses her goodnight,
She felt her cheeks blush
As he whispered again softly,
“You’re beautiful.”

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