Jack the Ripper

December 17, 2008
By Bailey Wilson, Overland Park, KS

i am terrified.
my heart is breaking breaking breaking into a million little pieces
the pain is ripping ripping ripping me it's inside it's eating me alive
my skin is crawling away i'm choking again.
you're drowning me drowning in your eyes please stop hurting me
please stop don't stop my brain is melting it hurts i can't think of anything but
i'm shaking it's cold so cold so very cold this pain is killing me
my body no longer works please stop hurting me
i love you don't stop
it will never stop.
i love you don't go away
it will never go away.
i'm yours i'm yours heal me help me hurt me

you won't be leaving my arms ever, i promise you that.
even if you want me to let go, honey,
even if you say the things that make me want to lose you.

i cannot lose you
i cannot lose you
i love you don't leave me
i love you.
more than you'd know.
i'd never leave you. i'll never leave you.
i love you.
i cannot lose you
i cannot lose you
i cannot lose you
i cannot lose you, i whisper into your hair.

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