The Night Before Easter

December 17, 2008
By Kelsi Kirwin, Stilwell, KS

'Twas the night before Easter and all through the halls
Were pictures of bunnies dancing on the walls.
The colored eggs were placed on the table with care
In hopes that the Easter Bunny soon would be there.
The kids were cozy in their beds
With visions of colorful Easter eggs in their heads.
Except for one little girl
Who was scampering around like a squirrel.
She was up in her room,
Then downstairs she heard a loud boom.
Skittering down the stairs
In her nighttime wears,
She saw a big pink bunny
And thought it looked kind of funny.
The Easter Bunny is here, she thought with joy,
He looks like an oversized toy!
He stood by the table with a grin
And reached for the basket made of tin.
She made a little squeal
And he dropped an egg that was teal.
The Easter Bunny turned around
And put the basket on the ground.
He walked toward the little girl
And tugged on her little curls.
The bunny said, "What are you doing up?"
She replied, "I was playing with my pup."
Then the puppy pranced down the staircase.
With a big wide smile on her face.
The bunny bent down and said,
"You should get back to bed."
The little girl shook her head no
And said, "I don't want to go."
The Easter bunny asked, "Do you want to help?"
She nodded and the dog yelped.
The bunny, the dog, and the girl hid the eggs together.
She thought this was the best night ever!

The author's comments:
This poem was written by Krista Blackwood and Kelsi Kirwin.

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