Can you touch the Bottom?

December 17, 2008
By John DeVilbiss, Radford, VA

Where could the complexity of life have started in the never resting chaotic head of the universe?
Scientists have stated, even given proof about life spawning from the vast depths of the ocean.
I agree, but who really knows where existence took its first baby steps, or first breast strokes?
Space is the swimming pool of the cosmos, and life is the ocean of our own essence.
Life’s vastness stretches farther than any opposing shores and its only depth is time.
Honestly, I’m happy to be another fish exploring this cerulean infinity.
There are some fish that can’t stay sustained by the shallow surface.
They swim so deep down the light can’t, or maybe won’t reach.
Such silent solitude can be found in the freezing icy chill.
A fish shouldn’t swim deeper than that.
It’s much closer to the bottom now.
A fish is no longer swimming.
They have started to sink.
Life’s limit is time.

The author's comments:
What is life without perspectives?
Inside I mean to show you a few different perspectives.
If you see monochrome monotony, I hope this helps.
We are all fools in our own court.
Let’s laugh at the king.

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