Trapped inside an unwanted cage

December 17, 2008
By Jaron Ritter, Indian Trail, NC

Along the shelves of cages
I look into each
Gloomy eyes are all that is in reach
Looking at me
Tears start to form
Down my cheeks I am torn

In a room there are many
Quickly depleting
To a life of unknown and uncertainty
I turn away
And stare at a cage filled with a stray
Whimpering she knows it's time
Having her last look of life
Getting ready to die
The last look of horror
Only a kitten
Who is filled with great sorrow
I watch as they take the kitten away
A whimper and all is quiet
I sway from the nauseousness that has built
I have to get out

But I can't
I run and run
But the shelves of animals run with me to
Down the aisles
Down the stairs
Past the home owners lair
This is not fair

My heart is breaking
There heart is in a tear
Broke from pain
Broke from not knowing what life really is

To me life is
Feeling grass for the first time in your toes
Having a dandy lion sniff up your nose
Having love pulse through your veins
Having it overwhelm your brain
Having love beat your heart
Having an early morning start
This is insane

I can not bear anymore
My body is starting to be sore
I feel dizzy
And fall to the floor
I hate this feeling so
All because an animal had to go
She was still fresh from birth
Not knowing anything but the hand that throws her food
She's made friends with the cage floor
Cooped in a small space
Never having a good taste

I wake from a daze
And let a shriek go
I scream
I punch
I start to scrunch
Someone pushes me down
And attaches a suction to my heart that is broke
They tell me of a nasty concussion
They tell of how I fell down the stairs

I can't move
I can't see
I can only hear
The doctors suggest to my mom
One more day
She screams in pain
She says this isn't fair

In the night
I pray for the kitten's health
I hope she is OK
In a better place
Sleep sounds good now
Hopefully a miracle is near

I wake in a clear sky
With fluffy clouds
And people saying hi
I look at my hands
I can see
I can hear
By god a miracle is here
I look to find a big space
A place of strange things
For some reasons
Reasons unknown I don't feel out of place
I hear a meow
And I spin around
I understand now what has happened
Because that kitten is mine now
Playing in the grass
Feeling the love I should pass on

I saved a life that took both of ours
I see many animals
Joyous I can tell
I can't conceive that it would be any use to try to leave
Miracles can happen if you believe.

The author's comments:
This is a Poem I wrote when I was in the 7th grade. It really touched my teacher when she read it.

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