December 17, 2008
By Jaron Ritter, Indian Trail, NC


Breathe through their skin
Breaks down food
For later digestion
Poops through anus
Slimy as can be
A worm
How can that be?
Been alive for more than 100 years
Through the age
of old and crinkly dinosaurs
Some grow to be 8 feet
With no teeth
It crawls away from the heat
Slant ways
and diagnal
are all some ways they burrow
Good for the Earth
Sometimes scary to see
Fish love them
out in the salt water sea
Dogs and Cats and Birds too
are a scare
For these worms
they live in fear
Five Hearts
Oh what a glee
I am sure they are backed up
When one of their hearts give out
To live past us
These worms can seek us out!

The author's comments:
This is a Poem I had to write for my science class in the 7th grade. It really isn't my best work but I think it is fun to read.

-Jaron Ritter-

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