power to influence..

December 21, 2008
By Jonathan Debrosse, Freeport, NY

power to influence...through poetry i express my positive perspective on how life should be..too bad its so different from how things really are..jealousy murder mayhem and all things that the world shouldnt see..ruthless people that live to see you die..cry and hurt all at one time..its a shame..imperfection as a whole..thank god we have a new leader to right our wrongs..we're still going left..people left out of themselves..being takein or at times takein themselves out of there own mind.eagerly waiting for a god givin sign...dont we have rights...now i know i cant speak for some adults..but i am a youth representer..people will stop and stare wehen i enter..because i stand out...mentally , intellectually , and physically i understand the struggle individuals face on a day to day..i will touch the lives of many day by day..force a change with todays 2morrows and watever time relates young people..its all a race against time and we can not be standing still..poetry can and will create motion..what are we all waiting for..look into yourself.. try and really live life through your eyes this time...enter your bodies and stagger down the surprisingly dim tunnels that circulate into your soul and pump blood through your veins..yet still try and maintain who you are...see that you are your own individual who is somebody special in your own way..special people...thats something my father would say if he was here till this day.....this is my positivity. be somebody...power to influence..

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