The Stars

December 21, 2008
Oh the stars in the sky
Shimmering and glittering
They form celestial bodies
Figures that dance in the night

I trace the figures all around
Connecting the dots
Forming dazzling shapes
That swirl in the night

My fingers paint the picture overhead
Forming new figures of grace
They hold hands dancing in picture
Swinging and showing off their beauty

Oh how I wish I were a body
Dancing in that sky
Swirling and Twirling
All through the night

Oh how I wish I were a star
So someone could glance up and see me
Watch me dance endlessly
Twinkling and sparkling in the heavens

But I am not a star
I do not dance in the heavens above
I do not twinkle and sparkle
Across the pitch black sky

I am the one who dreams
The one who dreams of being looked at by you
Catching your eye
Oh so high above in that starry lit night sky

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