December 20, 2008
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You can take back all your lies.
I should have opened my eyes.
I feel like this was so wrong.
I wonder where this love could have gone.
You can take back all your promises,
You don’t know how foregone this is.
I know all your little tricks.
I know about all those others “chicks.”
They all said that you and me,
Though so different, we made a great we.
You’ve pushed me down.
I can’t stand to see you around.
How far would we have gotten?
If only you hadn’t forgotten.
If instead you wouldn’t have fibbed,
If your lies weren’t so big.
I wish you wouldn’t have let me down.
I wish you would have saved me before I drowned.
Now I’m up to my ears in regret,
And I’m trying my hardest to forget.
I didn’t know I was letting you
Break my heart and spirit too.
There were warnings and there were signs,
I could have read in between the lines.
I wanted us to last.
I didn’t want us to end so fast.
I wanted to believe that they were wrong,
I wanted to believe our love was strong.
It just wasn’t meant to be.
I guess you and me
We don’t make such a great we.

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Kat said...
Jan. 4, 2009 at 1:04 am
Hey, just wanted to say that in the line "I know about all those others “chicks.”" The letter "S" after other is a mistake!:D
mang9believe said...
Jan. 2, 2009 at 2:16 am
You write wonderfully, it is amazing how our bad situtations and tearful experiences lead to such a great work of art. Don't give up, eventually not all guys will be like this... ;D i havent found him yet though..
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