December 20, 2008
By Jordan Johnson, Las Vegas, NV

I tried to tell you
You said there was no going back
You pulled away before I could
Two day passed and i dressed in black

The rain was pouring
My face covered in tears
As I stepped on the sidewalk
A sound reached my ears

The roses on your casket cry
I saw your shattered face
The sobs of the mourners
Your corpse covered in lace

The pain filled my chest
I reached for you
I fell to my knees
There was nothing I could do

The rage came in a rush
I slammed your coffin shut
The blade sliced my skin
The blood oozed from my cut

My soul slipped away
I greeted my death
If I could just be with you
I breathed my final breath

I remember my last heartbeat
It carried me away
I remember my last thought
There was nothing I could say

If I could see you one last time
I'd remember you forever
No need for words
In my awful endeavor

But you went to a different place
The fire engulfed you
Your stained eyes
Ache for me too

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