Obsessive Overthinking

December 20, 2008
I would only like an update saying everything's okay
So, I don't worry off my wits whenever things are gray
I'm sick of sitting, wondering until my head is racing
And my feet subconsciously commence to nervous pacing
All I want is assurance of the things I can't be sure of
Including every range of emotion from embarassment to love
A tiny little modification on all things of recent change
However insignificant, slightly rude, or completely strange
Don't tell me all your secrets, just keep me well informed
So, I don't go so crazy that my mind becomes malformed
And conspiracy and paranoia drive me to my grave
All because I couldn't read the meaning of your wave
Or I give up on all people because I know they're all like you
Since you likely really hate me and pretend this friendships true
The confusion that it causes me, not being in your head
Will only do bad things to me, decoding things you've said
Let's just make this easy on this crazy, messed-up girl
And line it all in black in white, so she can read the world
If you could do this favor I might just end up slightly sane
Until some new obsession moves in to occupy my brain

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