When I Look Back

December 21, 2008
By Brooke Rhodes, Knoxville, TN

When I look back,
We used to talk,
We used to laugh.

When we saw eachother
We'd smile,
You were like my brother,
We got along so well.

I can tell now,
That we have drifted away,
To our seperate worlds apart,
And we both know in our heart
We don't like it.

What's wrong woth us,
We nevr used to be like this.

"I will always love you" he says
And of course i will too
But all I want to know is
What's wrong with us?

The author's comments:
My best guy friend and i have become great friends. After a while of kniowing him I started to like him. One of my good friends accidentaly told him, and so then he figured out. Once he knew we didn't really talk much and started drifting apart. the night I was texting him, we stared talking about it. What we were talking about really inspired me to write this poem.

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