December 20, 2008
Its a cloud,
a big thick cloud that covers your mind in a haze. You can't think straight. Don't see a point of getting out of bed in the morning. You don't to be seen or even exist. You hate going out in public.
Your shy quiet and don't like change.You like wearing big baggy drably clothes. You like the color black.You insist nothings wrong this is who you are. You pretend to be someonw better, someone esle. Everything is your fault. You are ugly and worthless so you think. As it progresses you are easily irrated . You hate life. You don't want to leave your room, or move. You want to die you think about sucicde. Life isn't what itwas. You think no one cares. You think everyone would be better off without you. Tell some one how you feel. See a docotor. Get better for your family.
I know how you feel , I'v been down that road and almost didn't make it back.

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