loving cannibal

December 20, 2008
By Anonymous

Today i hate
I lock you in with a gate
I bash your head against a wall
Till you bleed and fall

Tomorrow i love
Wear you like a satin glove
Keep you close and away from harm
No need for alarm

The day after am back to hate
Your limps,i alomost ate
For it is you i kill
Eat you up and here's your bill

Love is for the next day
But there is nothing left for me to stay
I should have left you for the present
I guess i should have eaten pheasant

There's nothing left for my plait
I'm sorry it was your fait
I am looking for someone new
So i can eat him just like you!

The author's comments:
Its guess some thing i came up with in a few minutes... nothing big.. but my friends and teacher likes it so ya... enjoy..

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