December 20, 2008
By Madison Dixon, Goleta, CA

Don't trust what isn't tangible,
in words and heart unique.
Don't face what you can't conquer,
if you fear what's underneath.

Don't hide from what is true
in colors vivid clarity.
Don't linger in the roots
of passing memories.

Don't hold what you can't obtain,
despite desires endless reign.
Don't start what you can't finish,
if you're left with none to gain.

Don't explore what you posess,
if your mind is wanting more.
Don't leave what you can't return to,
and lose sight of your concrete core.

Don't hurt what doesn't harm you,
if your heart is an open wound.
Don't seal what hasn't finished,
if the light dims in the room.

Don't weep for those around you,
who posess nothing but narcissitic ways.
Don't pain for those who stand still,
when time passes them in days.

Don't cry when you can't rewind,
when it seems the forward buttons jammed.
Don't pace yourself when your speed,
creates a mental catastrophe plan.

Don't turn your back to the world,
when apprehension has caught your mind.
Don't plan to stick it out,
when there's nothing left to find.

Don't plug your ears and close your eyes,
when you feel closure begin to overtake...
Enlightenment has overcome,
in your time of strength you will not break.

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