Great Stag

December 20, 2008
By Katherine Sullivan, Loveland, CO

a beautiful sould slips away
into oblivion
leaving behind a dead
useless, paralyzed, cold body
he whindes through the forest
trying to find his way
his blue-ish tail flowing behind him
through the trees
and over the creek
until he suddenly stops
he thinks
he doesn't know the way
where exactly is he traveling to?
why is he going?
what can he expect?
will it be easy?
will it hurt?
are all the questions he asks
"this was harder with four legs"
the old buck's spirit thinks
the old buck was shot
and we shall never hear his call
never ever agian

The author's comments:
My life dream is to publish onoe of my many books. I just am not sure how to go about that. I love to write and can write on almost anything.

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