Live, Change, Breathe

December 20, 2008
By Kaylee Burhans, Fort Atkinson, WI

If there was a time to start over
Now would be the perfect moment
A time to live
A time to change
A time to breathe

I want to let go of all the fear
The fear of what's to come
The fear of love
The fear of loss
The fear of life
And the fear to fight

If there was someone to help turn back time
It was you

If there was one to help me find a way to conquer my fears
It was you

I want to be free
Free to let everything go
Free to live life to the fullest
Free to laugh until I cry
Free to flash my soul for all to see

I want to be lost
Lost in you eyes
Lost in your mind
Lost in your world
Lost in a sea of people
Lost in all that's right
Lost in everything I know

If there was someone to set me free
It was you

If there was someone to get lost with me
It would be you

I want to change
Change my perspective
Change my life
Change who I am
Change what I could be
Change how I act and
Change how I look

I'm sick
Sick of everyone trying to control my life
Sick of everything crumbling around me
Sick of sugar, spice, and everything nice
Sick of being used
Sick of being abused
Sick of rejection
Sick of feelings
Sick of healing

If there was ever someone to change me
It was you

If there was ever someone to cure my illnesses
It was you

When life is closing in,
Constricting and consuming you
Starting on the inside and
Moving out

When the meaning of life is blurred
Dim and diminishing
Everything's an unfathomable concept
A deep and dark meaning waiting behind every door

When you're not prepared for what's to come
Nothing's unexpected, Yet everything leaves you in amazement
Trusting the best will follow your every move

When love is knocking
Waiting to enter
To flourish
To amplify

Don't let your fear hold you back
Don't prepare yourself for anything and you can't get hurt
Don't let yourself fall into the gloomy abyss
Don't concentrate on the confinement of life, Focus on the Freedom

Instead of vanishing into the mass of people around you,
Dazzle the world with the obscure light surrounding you
Awe someone to the point-of-no-return
Don't hinder the you that has blossomed


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