December 19, 2008
By Mariah Justice, Colorado Springs, CO

nobody believes your lies
Nobody believes the truth
you sleep at night and cry
the pain like a bruise
you melt under the pressure
the burden is too much
you don't know what to do
but your life really sucks
everyone thinks that your a loser
because you tell those lies
and no one wants you around
you don't want to keep your feet on the ground
You want to fly
It's impossible to do
and no one's watching you die
inside your heart is shattered by unprotected glass
nothing really matters
and you have no reason to live
you desperatly want to throw your life away
but you don't
because you are strong

The author's comments:
this was something i wrote when i was really stressed out and nothing was going right. i usually write happy things and experess my feelings but my feelings really came through in this and i think it is really good, even if it is pretty dark

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