All That is Green

December 19, 2008
By Emily Billin, Ripon, WI

This place will be covered with snow
All that is green will be white
The once luscious trees
Are now exposed skeletons
Everything will completely disappear

It will feel Agoraphobic
Sounds few and far between
The gently rolling hills
Become treacherous
Or completely disappear

The sun that now warms you
Softly hugging you like a second skin
Will nefariously taunt you
Like this frozen day
Doesn't deserve the sun

Un-gloved hands become numb
Cheeks flush
Lips Chap
Breaths visible with every exhale
Noses burn for warmth

No more leaves rustling in the wind
Not a single blade of grass
Dancing in the sunshine
This place
Completely disappears

The wind becomes fierce
Chilling to the bone
Freezing everything in sight
Even the birds
Completely disappear…

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