Emotions in a page

December 19, 2008
By Anonymous

In an instant, all of our dreams rely on happiness and enlightenment.
But in a moment, your emotions can change from joy to sorrow, and instantly our hearts
quickly drop like a penny in a well.
But what is it that causes dramatic change?
Emotions and hormones are suggested by curious minds.
But, I say it is not a dramatic change perhaps, but it is dramatic nightmares of not only
what is past, but perhaps what is yet to come.
Because as we all know, our emotions will pick us up and drop us in a matter of time.
But as my heart has told me, we have all just mentally boarded the roller coaster
of life that scares us and enlightens us both, in the matter of seconds.
Although I have to say, there is one thing that can redeem us of this kind of pain.
And that is the raging soul.
It may not give us emotional strength, but it does give us the power to be ourselves;
win or lose; dead or alive.
And that power can redeem any pain.
But the truth of the matter is that the only way to save ourselves is to bring out
the better in us!

The author's comments:
Inbspired by both everything and nothing. I wrote this poem one night when i was angry about something. That was in fifth grade. this poem has come along way!! Hope you enjoy it!!

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