Tick, Tock, Boom.

December 19, 2008
Tick, Tock, Boom. An Explosion Shattering This Pulsating Shape Into A Million Pieces. Flying Into The Air Carried Only By Pain. Each Particle Too Tiny To Pick Up So There's Nothing Left To Gain. Darkness And Silence. How Could He? Something So Delicate And Dear To Her And He Just Destroyed It. Walked Away Like He Didn't Care And Never Had Any Feelinmgs At All. Though, He Said He'd Always Be There. And With Her...Blindly Still Loving Him While He Planned His Replace. And No Sugar Coating When He Let It Blow Up In Her Face. What A Disgrace. Now She's Crying In The Corner. Her Big Browns Filled With Sparkling Water. Short Ebony Hair Drapping Down Her Face.Her Hand Smuthered With Sugary Cinnamon Skin Masking The Rest Of her Face. There Is Nothing Left To Cover. Except, How Is She To Reconstruct Her Heart For Another? She Went To Seek Revenge. She Wrestled With What Used To Be His Heart. It Turned Into A Blackhole After What He Had Done. She Turned And Turned The Key But It's Like The Engine Wouldn't Start. Then It Snapped. He Changed The Lock On His Heart. Rivers Flowing From Her Eyes. She Couldn't Help But Cry. Her Tears Slowly Tracked Down Her Face Stinging Like Acid On Her Flesh. Falling Into A Pattern Resembling The Muscle On The Left Side Of Her Chest. She Stood There, Sobbing. Staring At The Scattered Remains Of Her Heart. The Phone Rings...The Phone Rings...The Phone Rings...Question Mark.

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MightierThanASword said...
Jan. 6, 2009 at 3:25 am
Nice Work. The Descriptive Language Is Good. You Can Tell The Author Went Through This.
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