The Perfect Night

December 19, 2008
By Jared Johnson, Lake Charles, LA

Our bodies caressing one another
As we danced on the floor
Holding you so tight and ever close to me
Dreaming that tonight would last just a little more

Looking into your glazed eyes
Seeing something I have never seen before
The soul of a woman
Who knows what she wants in life... and more

Telling her that everything is going to be fine
Softly kissing her head
Grabbing her hand and just holding her
While gently rubbing her leg

Dancing one last dance
Not saying a single word
Noticing that her mind was cluttered with something
Just wondering what it concerned

Wanting to do something so bad
But only to wonder if she wanted it too
Just a single kiss on the lips
Is all I wanted from you

Trying so hard to pop the question
Remembering something that was said long before
Just respecting that decision I made
Now waiting for the right time to knock on your door

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