The Pioneers of NHEA

December 19, 2008
By Shelby Colby, Rochester, NH

We never stop laughing
Except to complain about life
For just a few minutes
Then we laugh about it.
A group of crazy teenaged girls
Squawking like a bunch of hens.
Singing and dancing,
Laughing as though we have no cares,
Though our shoulders are screaming in pain
From the weight of the world.
Mature far beyond our years,
Yet innocent and naïve.
We amuse ourselves
By amusing each other
And talk about topics
That no normal people would discuss.
We’re the black sheep on the farm,
The leaders of the outcasts.
We are swans in a pond full of ducklings,
So ugly, that we are beautiful.
We fight a never-ending battle
And we can’t seem to determine
Whether we are going to come out on top.
But even when this wicked world
Turns its back on us,
Our group of popular geeks
Is still laughing at life

The author's comments:
This poem is about three of my best friends and me. We go to a new charter school that has been open for three years. Each of us has been attending the school from the time that it has been open, and we are now the only ones in the school who have been there from the beginning. In that three-year timeframe, we have become closer than I could have possibly imagined. I wrote this poem in honor of our pasts, present, and futures, because two of them are seniors and will be leaving the school in June.

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This article has 2 comments.

Sheila_F said...
on Jan. 3 2009 at 7:50 pm
This is a wonderful poem filled with vivid images, such as "squawking like a bunch of hens," and "swans in a pond full of ducklings." I really enjoyed reading about this group of girls and how much they mean to each other. Great job!

Judy R. said...
on Jan. 2 2009 at 3:38 pm
Nice Work Shelby! Mature beyond your years Keep up the writing Judy


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